Glentress 7

Glentress 7

Pretty much following on from Graham’s post on riding goals for this year, I have been thinking for a while about doing an ‘event‘ to provide some kind of focus to encourage me to ride more, improve my fitness and just to do something different. I have looked at 10 Under and the Selkirk Marathon. Following on from Dene’s previous posts about the Glentress 7, this sounds like the kind of fun event that could be suitable for this first timer. Not too long, not too far away and, I suppose, not too expensive. Continue reading

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Glentress Ride Report

Dene, thanks for your post suggesting a club ride at Glentress!  Great idea!  Really sorry you couldn’t make it along because of your snowboarding injury.  But Dene, if you’re reading this, it was a terrible day out; nobody enjoyed it, the trails were grim, the bikes were terrible, the weather was just awful.  Now, for everyone else, here’s what you really missed…..

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New take on Trans Wales for 2012

The format for Trans Wales is changing for 2012.  They’ve condensed it into a long weekend with a longer night stage and more special stages. The core of it is still sociable fun riding and scoffing large amounts of lovely food.  Anyone interested in doing it with me?  Teams of three or solos. You can still ride with your mates even as a solo, you just race the special stages separately. 17th -19th August in the middle of Wales (about 5.5hr drive from Glasgow).

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Saturday ride

Me and Zoe heading out tomorrow for a ride. We’re still sorting transport so it may be Dumyat since you can get a train there. If anyone is keen to come along let us know and we’ll keep you posted. If I can get my car for the day it might be somewhere more adventurous.

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Weekend Stuff

This weekend the sun will shine and winds will be light.  Time to get out and play in the big outdoors.

Not sure about good enough snow coverage to justify heading north.

What’s the consensus out there ? . . . . . Head north or go to Glentress and ride on Sunday (Dene has already proposed this).

Will car share or come in my van.



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A Very Good Reason to Join GMBC

Graham reminded me that Alpines give club members free demo bikes. So, phoned up St. George’s store with my request for a full susser for GT on sunday. He phoned me back 10 mins later to say they have put aside a 2012 Trek Lush for me for the day! That’s £40 a day hire bike!

Can’t wait to try it out. And that’s covered my 2012 membership!!

Only down side is that i may like it too much!




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Old Kilpatricks Carvery Ride on 21st January

Planning a Saturday ride in the Old Kilpatricks on 21st January. A few folk have already expressed an interest (Alison, Sam & John and Elizabeth). The plan is to meet at the Bowling Lock car park and be ready to ride at 10am (not at the big house as I suggested in a previous post). If you are travelling by train then there is a station at Old Kilpatrick which is handy. Also, Bowling Locks is connected to Glasgow, Balloch, Erskine Bridge via cycle tracks. It is not a hugely technical ride, but a few interesting optional offshoots at the top for anyone interested. There is a big climb, but perfectly do-able for anyone who is keen enough. Any faster climbers can repeat parts of the climb so we are never too far apart. The route is a loop which is always good and there is an optional post-ride refuel at the Crown Carvery/Pub. Please let me know if you are interested.

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Another stolen bike

Hi folks

Seems to be a lot of bike theft going on.  My friend asked if I could post this, as he’s lost a really lovely bike and was hoping folk might keep an eye out for it (see below for description).

I was also wondering if anyone marks their bikes (like with a police regisration scheme or pens or electronic tags that go in your frame).  I just know know if any of it is worth doing. Any thoughts?   Continue reading

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Carron Valley

Did anyone make it to Carron Valley last night? Wondering how the trails have faired after the storms?

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Weekend rides sat/sun

Heya all…. happy new year.

I was wondering if anyone is riding local at the weekend (14th/15th) .. Sat or Sunday or both?? Would love to get out for a spin or two.


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