hail caledonia

A great day out up a wild and blustery old kilpatricks hills yeasterday good call Gerry /Gav. The carvery did meet expectations Gerry..sure you’re not on commission.My rear hub trashed must have been the weight penalty after the carvery.Next time hopefully better weather.Still central heating via nips of 12yr old highland park pushed me through the worst..hicc…it’s the way forward.

ps// natures kiss recovery cream (£8.99 in all good bike shops) rubbed into tired legs absolute bliss(certainly beats the old method of a “rub doon wi a cauld pie”) ready to go at it again except rear wheel in evans for rebuild.

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One Response to hail caledonia

  1. Grant says:

    You do realise that while Highland Park is great for greasing your own bearings, you probably should use something else in a rear hub?

    Was an excellent ride yesterday, will check to see if I got any good pics.

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